Who I Work With


Children -- from kindergarten through college -- are wonderful piano students, and we often think of them when we think of a typical piano student.  I love working with them, starting usually around age 5.

Adults of all ages can hone skills left uncultivated for years, or continue their lifelong journey.  Some refurbish creaky skills, others are beginners, and still others want to help their children practice their lessons.  I especially love the vision of my student Katy practicing her lesson while her three children--all my students--settle down to sleep every night.

The work I've done teaching piano teachers has been particularly rewarding, thinking of them going back into their own studios and passing on what we've explored in mine.  We've had a wonderful time exploring disparate approaches to some of the thorny difficulties piano study can present.

Some pianists have pain when they practice, and it's extremely gratifying to work with them, through the experience I've had with the Taubman approach to piano technique.

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