About 10 years ago I was searching for a piano teacher who was not only a fine teacher but also familiar with the Taubman approach to the keyboard. It had been many years since I had seriously studied or played and I wanted the best I could find.. My searching led me to Sarah Steinhardt. But – wait a minute – Ms. Steinhardt was in Atlanta, Georgia and I live on Longboat Key, Fl. I guess I was truly serious because it only took me a few minutes to decide to get on a flight to Atlanta to see for myself.I shall never forget that first lesson. Sarah Steinhardt put me at ease immediately and we got to know each other at the keyboard over what I am sure was a terrible rendition of the first movement of an F Major Mozart Sonata. We spent a couple of hours together that first time, and I left knowing that I had made the right decision. This was the beginning of many flights to Atlanta as I gradually started to make real music again. I always tried to schedule a lesson when she was having one of her delightful master classes with her adult students. I remember finally getting up the nerve to play for one of them. Sarah is a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher; a consummate musician in every sense of the word. I am just saddened that she now lives in New York and I am still on Longboat Key. I have studied with other teachers in this area but they all fall far short of Sarah Steinhardt. Whenever I visit NY to see family and friends, I always make time to get in a lesson. And, by the way, I still maintain a repertoire and practice almost every day. I can thank Sarah for my second life at the piano.

Suzanne L., ​​Longboat Key, Floridaitl

Our two children, now 10 and 12 years old, have been students of Sarah's for more than five wonderful years. Sarah has instilled in them a love of music, and given them the tools to organize themselves to practice efficiently and successfully. She always keeps the mood positive, never scolding when they haven't practiced enough. Her wonderful musicality is an inspiration, and her kindness and loveliness make her a joy to be around. We recommend Sarah most highly.

Caroline E.

New York, NY, Upper West Side le

For the past six years we have been fortunate enough to have Sarah teach piano to our daughter, Hanna, now ten. Sarah is consistently patient, upbeat, and happy. She also adds just the right amount of discipline to give Hanna the confidence she needs to continue to advance her music talent. We can't imagine anyone else in Sarah's role as Hanna's piano teacher. 

Aleida H. New York, Upper West SideSubtitl

My two sons, ages 8 and 10, absolutely LOVE studying with Sarah.  She has the rare gift of bringing years of musical experience to kids in a way that is fun, while inspiring them to become the best pianist they can be. Because of Sarah's lessons, I rarely have to ask my children to practice; they go to the piano on their own initiative.   As a piano teacher myself, I wanted to be sure my boys had great teaching, so my wife--also a working musician--and I chose Sarah.  It's worked out better than I could have imagined, and we are thrilled with their progress.

Ron D.

Riverdale. NY

I am writing on behalf of my husband and myself to speak to the exceptional character of Sarah Steinhardt. We have known Sarah  since 2008 when Sarah began teaching our eldest child and me piano. Our relationship quickly developed beyond that of a teacher and student. Let me, however, comment for a moment on the type of teacher Sarah is, as I truly have first hand knowledge.  Sarah brings more compassion to her work then anyone I have seen. As a teacher at the elementary level myself, I know of what I speak. She has guided my child, who has learning differences as well as ADHD, to access his impressive musicality despite his limitations. This has taken pain-staking patience, but she always embraces his efforts joyfully and has helped him emerge as a true musician.  She is selfless in her support of me, not only in my role as a student of the piano, but also in my role as a mother of several children, a teacher and as a conscious and conscientious person navigating modern life. She truly enriches my experience of the world.

​​Vanessa L.,
New Canaan, CT.

"The art of teaching is to create a situation in which the student wants nothing more than to learn." -- Frances Clark

It has been a privilege for our children to study the piano with Sarah for 5+ years.  She is committed to them and seeks to understand their individual needs as musicians but also cares about them as people. No matter their age, she patiently motivates them to succeed.  Her breadth of knowledge for piano repertoire combined with her understanding of her students allows her to select music which engages them and pushes them to continually progress.  As a teacher, she is encouraging and positive while always setting clear and high expectations.  I decided to take lessons from Sarah myself and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn from her.  She has helped to foster a love of music that I have always hoped to have in our home.

Jennifer B., New York, NY (Upper West Side)

After interviewing several piano teachers in the area, I was immediately impressed by Sarah’s background and breadth of experience, as well as her general philosophical approach to teaching young children.  From the beginning, Sarah gently and carefully teaches her students important core skills in music theory and sight-reading.   She meticulously teaches technical skills that are the basis for future competency for any pianist (and the envy of any adult pianist who did not learn by her technique).  At the same time, Sarah instills the joy of music in her students so that they are motivated not only by the encouragement of their parents, but also (and more importantly) by the progress they see in themselves.  My third child is so eager begin her lessons next month, having watched and listened to her older brother and sister play over the past few years.  She will be joining a joyful musical movement in our household, with Sarah conducting!

Katherine N.

Old Greenwich, CT.

My nine year-old daughter has been taking weekly piano lessons with Sarah Steinhardt for the past year and a half. According to my daughter, “Ms. Steinhardt always finds a way to make the lessons fun and I look forward to getting great new songs to play and practice each week.” As a parent, I could not be happier with my daughter’s enthusiasm and progress and I attribute much of this to her teacher. Sarah’s warm, kind and patient style enabled my daughter to feel comfortable and engaged almost immediately. Sarah’s clear love of teaching, her ability to relate to her students and effort to make the lessons fun and challenging have created a wonderful learning experience. My daughter hopes to continue to learn piano from Sarah for many years to come. We should all be so fortunate to have such a gifted teacher touch the lives of our children!

Diane P.

Greenwich, CT.